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About Us

Adam Chaprales, the Managing Partner of The Accounting Solutions Group started from an idea while he was Chief Operations Officer a small Accounting firm for many years.  Prior to being COO at this Accounting Firm, Adam spent a decade as a Partner of a renowned Fortune 100 company dealing with financial services and investments. During his tenure at the accounting firm,  Adam realized that most accounting firms lack in establishing a long term customer base and implantation in cutting edge technologies to stay with the bucking trends of tomorrow, and many are too set in there ways to change; or what Adam likes to refer too, “old school way of doing things”.  This revelation was the Catullus to Adam in launching The Accounting Solutions Group “TAGS” with the sole purpose to fulfilled the need of tailor designed accounting solutions for all his customers along with a sheer focus on utilizing the best form of technologies that are available in the current market and to use them for the growth of his customers’ businesses. Providing the best standards in Accounting Practices, coupled with cutting edge technology has given TASGS an edge over their competitors nationwide since we process our customer’s accounts, faster, more efficiently and at the lowest cost. The Accounting Solutions Group is fully integrated on a cloud base platform making processing the accounting readily available to a team of bookkeepers and clients anywhere and at any time without the need for expense it infrastructure and software licensing. The Accounting Solutions Group also has other integrated Accounting products such as a virtual online bill pay program that works with any smart phone, tablet and computer making processing and reviewing bill paying easy, and readily accessible 24/7.

A note from Adam:  “My firm provides years of seasoned, accounting and strategic business advisors whos bailiwick is in financial services.  My team has the  skills necessary to provide our clients with what they need. But the needs of our clients are ever changing, so two of my firm’s top priorities are growth and adaptation in order to give our clients what they want and need to better their businesses.    My promise to myself is to never be involved with another firm whos feel status quo is the norm.  In order to meet these needs of a changing and technologically advancing industry, I will strive to strengthen our team by adding the most cutting edge resources coupled with hardworking and honest honest partners.   Most exciting is our staff, we don’t just hire employees, we have partners whom are vested in our companies success and yours as well.    Just like our clients are rewarded by our award winning service, those who work at The Accounting Solutions Group are rewarded as well. We provide employees with a flexible, family friendly work environment that appreciates their efforts and rewards those who follow the philosophies of our firm. Work life balance is encouraged to be a top priority with our team.   Because our team (Partners) are vested in our company, your success directly increases their success, promoting and harnessing an environment of teambuilding and leadership among our organization.   You won’t just get an employee with an employee mentality of TASGS, you will get a vested member of our team.”  – Adam

Afshin Delfanazari, the Managing Partner of the Accounting Solutions Group started his career in accounting, while working for a local accounting firm. Being a bookkeeper for over 6 years, proved to Afshin that there is a tremendous opportunity in offering accounting services coupled with cutting edge technologies, which most bookkeeping firms lack. Using Afshin’s educational background as an engineer, he created data migration tools which allow processing routine bookkeeping, faster and more accurate while allowing TASGS to pass the time savings on to their clients in the form of a more competitive price then the other leading outsourced bookkeeping firms. Afshin’s strong knowledge in MACOS Programming coupled with his vast knowledge in bookkeeping, gives him a leg up against the competition. Afshin resides in Plymouth, MA and went to University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, concentrating in engineering and minoring in business management. Afshin is an avid world traveler, but mostly enjoys being involved civilly in his community.


A note from Afshin: “I am most proud of TASGS, because we are able to give our clients a much-needed service without the hefty weekly fee we see our competitors charging.   We are able to offer a better service then our competition at a lower cost, due to us embracing more technologies to process the work more efficiently and accurately.    In addition, I most enjoy being a part of my client’s success and watching them grow.    I take my work personally, as I review financial statements with my clients and see them succeed, that adds a layer of success to me as well.” – Afshin

Client Testimonials

What people and our clients say about us.

T&J Motorworks-Mechanic Shop

Working with TASGS has giving me the time to focus on what is important, fixing cars and building my business.   TASGS gives my reports that are easy to follow with meaningful DATA to make decisions to help us grow.   I would highly recommend TASGS for your weekly bookkeeping and payroll needs.

Tom Knapp – Owner

Hyannis – MA


Beyond Beauty - Hair Salon Hyannis

I have been working with Adam Chaprales, owner of The Accounting Solution Group, and his team for 3 years.  I love working with them, they are knowledgable and professional and I am in great hands.  Adam is always available to answer any questions I have.  I look forward to many more successful years working with Adam and the entire team at The Accounting Solutions Group.


Debra Joyce

Hyannis – MA

aXqp7qdBTR2IRLOyuRhq_peche logo

Peche Restaurant - Rob Pete

The Accounting Solutions Group has made running my business both easier and more profitable. I get P&Ls weekly and a day after I close that weeks business. It allows me to react quickly and with the knowledge I need to make the corrections. When there have been problems it is a matter of a phone call or email and all is corrected quickly and to my satisfaction. Great group and great business you would be wise to go with them.

Rob Pate – Owner

Austin TX

Weekly Bookkeeping

*   Daily sales processing

*   Total accounts payable processing

*   Total Accounts receivable processing

*   Weekly Bank reconciliation

*   Weekly customizable financial reporting

*   Fully integrating with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online


Consulting Services

*   Restructing Chart of Accounts

*   Formatting P&L reports

*   Reviewing Current Account systems

*   Revealing and evaluating business profitability and consulting

*   Complete reconstruction of Quickbooks

*   Monthly Bookkeeeping (After the Fact Bookkeeping)


Payroll Services

*   Online portal services

*   Direct Deposit

*   Workers Compensation Insurance

*   ACA Reporting

*   Employee Benefits