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Accounts Payable

TASGS has 3 Accounts Payable Option(s)

Option 1 (Online Bill Pay) - BEST

Total online integration Bill Pay system (Best)

Please refer to online bill Pay below

Option 2 - TASGS Checks
  1. Send TASGS your weekly invoices
  2. TASGS will enter them into QuickBooks
  3. TASGS will send you an unpaid bills report Weekly
  4.  You indicate which bills you want paid
  5. TASGS will print, stuff and mail out your check
  6. TASGS will deal with all vendor inquiries
Option 3 - Client Checks
  1. Send TASGS your weekly invoices
  2. TASGS will enter them into QuickBooks
  3. TASGS will send you an unpaid bills report Weekly
  4.  Client will write there own checks

9 Reasons to move your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to TASGS

1. Scrap the paper

Paper-based processes are notorious for eating up large volumes of time related to tracking down documents, filing, following up on invoicing and noting payments. By migrating to, you can upload your bills and paperwork to a centralized, cloudbased repository of information that includes due dates, tracking of approvals and bill payment based on your schedule. It also means you can store contracts with bills for easy access – no more digging through files. All this information is available at your fingertips

2. Collect your money more quickly

Migrating payments online – an option offered by TASGS – gives your customers more payment options, including credit card, PayPal or online directly from a bank. You can quickly see when a customer has reviewed an invoice or scheduled a payment, and you can set automatic reminders as due dates approach.

3. Save time

Using TASGS for your business payments means you can take the time previously spent on laborious tasks and concentrate it on high-yielding activities. Time-heavy processes such as data entry, bank and check runs and following up on payment statuses are taken off your plate so you can focus on business priorities.

4. Prevent fraud

Avoid the potential of being defrauded by employees or advisors who may have unsupervised access to critical financial processes and information. allows you to adopt automated workflows, restrict access and benefit from built-in alerts that can prevent potential fraud.

5. Go mobile

These days, business owners are not strapped to their desks. You have to go where the business is. Instead of having to be in the office to approve payments or review a contract, you can access that information from any mobile device including laptops, tablets or the palm of your hand via a smartphone.

6. Always be prepared for your taxes and audits

With TASGS, you no longer have to scramble come tax time. All of your financial activity is archived, audited, and can easily be reported. If given permission, auditors can even access your TASGS billpay account to review activities and information. This makes preparation for tax time a continual practice that is automatically built into your process – as opposed to a scramble for information when Uncle Sam visits.

7. Trim technology costs

Moving bookkeeping TASGS means that you do not have to buy additional hardware, software, and updates to support the financial side of your business. Since the technology is housed with TASGS, the burden of adding technology assets to stay current is eliminated.

8. Gain greater insight into your business

Gain the strategic insight you need around your financial performance to successfully run a business. You can eliminate bulky spreadsheets in favor of a cloud-based reporting platform that is always up to date. This information allows you to project receivables and payables, reveal potential problems in advance, and helps you rapidly plan for alternatives

9. Ensure business continuity

If a pipe breaks causing water to ruin your files or temporarily close down your office, that does not mean you will have to stop invoicing, collecting money or paying your bills. TASGS stores your valuable information in an encrypted, secure cloud environment. All you need is Internet access to continue business as normal.

Weekly Bookkeeping

*   Daily sales processing

*   Total accounts payable processing

*   Total Accounts receivable processing

*   Weekly Bank reconciliation

*   Weekly customizable financial reporting

*   Fully integrating with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online


Consulting Services

*   Restructing Chart of Accounts

*   Formatting P&L reports

*   Reviewing Current Account systems

*   Revealing and evaluating business profitability and consulting

*   Complete reconstruction of Quickbooks

*   Monthly Bookkeeeping (After the Fact Bookkeeping)


Payroll Services

*   Online portal services

*   Direct Deposit

*   Workers Compensation Insurance

*   ACA Reporting

*   Employee Benefits