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Accounts Receivable

TASGS will create a custom professional invoice template for you to use
TASGS will send online payment options for your clients to pay you ACH next day
TASGS will create an integration mapping with your online or desktops platform
TASGS will give you a monthly reconciled AP report for your review
By Using TASGS to process your Accounts Payable, you will:


  1. Have the ability to manage your A/P with your Smart Phone by downloading our App
  2. Use TASGS graphic designers to create a custom invoice template for your business
  3. Have the ability to send electronic invoices to your clients and receive payments VIA ACH that will process into your bank account the next day
  4. Use TASGS team of accounts to set up and manage all you your invoice item list to ensure your services are reflected on your P&L accuracy
  5. Ge up the minute reports on who paid you and who didn’t.

Weekly Bookkeeping

*   Daily sales processing

*   Total accounts payable processing

*   Total Accounts receivable processing

*   Weekly Bank reconciliation

*   Weekly customizable financial reporting

*   Fully integrating with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online


Consulting Services

*   Restructing Chart of Accounts

*   Formatting P&L reports

*   Reviewing Current Account systems

*   Revealing and evaluating business profitability and consulting

*   Complete reconstruction of Quickbooks

*   Monthly Bookkeeeping (After the Fact Bookkeeping)


Payroll Services

*   Online portal services

*   Direct Deposit

*   Workers Compensation Insurance

*   ACA Reporting

*   Employee Benefits