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Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

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Our Payroll Services


TASGS Online Self Service Portal (SSP)


Completely Paperless Payroll Processing - Go Green


Tax Filing Services


TASGS Custom Payroll Reports


Workers Compensation Insurance


Employee Benefits – Retirement Plans and Insurance Plans


ACA Reporting


Certified Payroll

We offer solutions tailored to your business, complexity of payroll elements and reporting requirements. We are fast and flexible on the one hand and protect and secure payroll data to maintain confidentiality on the other.

Restaurant Payroll Processing

  • Tip-to-Minimum Validation – Our system will make sure the wages you pay your staff and the tips they report keep your business in compliance with minimum wage requirements, giving you the information and the tools to keep both your employees and the government.
  • Shortfall Reports – Part of TASGS processing your restaurant payroll is a report protects both you and your employees, ensuring that they don’t owe you for voluntary deductions that couldn’t be satisfied from their wage; and that they have an opportunity to pay the proper tax on their income.
  • FICA Tip Credit Report – Most payroll and CPA firms forget the importance of FICA TIP CREDITS, which can cost you thousands in tax savings. TASGS can track your matching portion of FICA paid on tips reported in excess of minimum wage on a per period, monthly, quarterly, yearly or fiscal year basis.
  • IRS Form 8027/Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips –TASGS can assist in providing this report for your CPA to file.  Not only will TASGS give this report to your CPA at the end of the year, but TASGS compiles’ a similar report to an 8027 weekly, for your review weekly so you can better track your tipped staff and make sure they are in compliance before it becomes a problem, that could potentially turn into a tip audit!

Weekly Bookkeeping

*   Daily sales processing

*   Total accounts payable processing

*   Total Accounts receivable processing

*   Weekly Bank reconciliation

*   Weekly customizable financial reporting

*   Fully integrating with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online


Consulting Services

*   Restructing Chart of Accounts

*   Formatting P&L reports

*   Reviewing Current Account systems

*   Revealing and evaluating business profitability and consulting

*   Complete reconstruction of Quickbooks

*   Monthly Bookkeeeping (After the Fact Bookkeeping)


Payroll Services

*   Online portal services

*   Direct Deposit

*   Workers Compensation Insurance

*   ACA Reporting

*   Employee Benefits