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Why outsource


Focus On Your Business

We manage Accounting Records of client whereby helping the client to focus on core business tasks. Our team can take care of your daily accounting task. By hiring us you can ensure that your focus on your core business and not the back office that makes you no money!  In addition, having someone in-house or doing it yourself, distracts you from focusing on the important aspects of running your business.   Being a do-it-yourselfer distracts you on average, 30% from focusing on revenue generating tasks.   In turn, you will save hours of what your billable hourly worth is, which will relate to a fraction of what our weekly fee is.

Cost Saving

Outsourced accounting give around 30 to 40% cost savings significantly in your bookkeeping at the same time helping you to get accounting to be get completed in time.

Confidentiality of Data

We focus on the confidentiality of the client information on financial statements, bookkeeping and ensure that the client information is safely secured in our work environment.

Hire Skilled Employees

Outsourcing gives you a great way to have full-time knowledge on your team without having to pay for it around the clock. By putting your books into the hands of TASGS who understand, the best practices and how to properly staff for certain tasks, your job becomes a whole lot easier—and effective. TASGS invests hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to stay up to date on the best practices and technology at no extra cost to you.

When you outsource your bookkeeping, you’re placing your financials with a team that thrives on teamwork. Unfortunately, one bookkeeper is often not enough to find every subtle nuance that can benefit your business. But when you outsource, you have a team of workers and managers checking and double checking each other’s work, helping to ensure that you receive the best services possible.

This also helps keep a separation of duties i.e. HR and purchasing are as individually accountable as credit services and customer care. When you have your sections running smoothly, they form together to produce a better and more cohesive unit.

Never Deal with HR for your back office again!

With TASGS, we will never ask for Sick time, Vacation time or personal time off, let us deal with the human resource drudgery and you will be comforted that your weekly bookkeeping will continue without destruction. In addition, most inhouse bookkeepers get what we call, “The Big Deal Syndrome”! At TASGS, the only “Big Deal” is our clients. Ask, and you will receive, VS, ask the inhouse bookkeeper and you receive a dirty look with an attitude.

Weekly Bookkeeping

*   Daily sales processing

*   Total accounts payable processing

*   Total Accounts receivable processing

*   Weekly Bank reconciliation

*   Weekly customizable financial reporting

*   Fully integrating with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online


Consulting Services

*   Restructing Chart of Accounts

*   Formatting P&L reports

*   Reviewing Current Account systems

*   Revealing and evaluating business profitability and consulting

*   Complete reconstruction of Quickbooks

*   Monthly Bookkeeeping (After the Fact Bookkeeping)


Payroll Services

*   Online portal services

*   Direct Deposit

*   Workers Compensation Insurance

*   ACA Reporting

*   Employee Benefits